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In terms of quality, Sunrich has consistently delivered products that meet or exceed Specifications. This translates into confidence by purchasing agents, knowing that when they order our product it will pass QC. No concerns about double orders or last minute scrambling to complete a project due to the material being substandard.
Our deliveries are guaranteed. Sunrich ships the same day when an order is received by 12:00 Noon PST for US market. However, we can also make the shipment the same day when an order is received after 12:00 Noon PST if this is an rush order. Since we stock well over 250 items in US stock, our purchasing agents can count on same day shipment from us, meeting the tough “just in time” inventory model that is prevalent in this industry.

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Service and Attention.  Each Purchasing Agent and their company have an experienced Sales Representative to attend to their needs. Every Sunrich Salesman has more than 2 years experience in the Industry. We like to think that we are large enough to be professional but small enough to be attentive. You aren’t just a number to us; we consider you to be a valued customer and will go the distance to keep you happy.
Purchase order Acceptance. Whenever we receive a purchase order we immediately respond by Fax or Email with acceptance of the terms of the Purchase.  We also quote the estimated shipping date with our acceptance. We adhere to scheduled ship dates, our purchasers have one less burden on their mind because they know exactly when the product will arrive. More than 97% of the time we ship on the estimated date.
GMP and Paperwork requirements- Sunrich has dedicated personnel that are responsible for providing the paperwork that our customers need to qualify our company and products. We are experienced with CGMP requirements. Our staff is dedicated to attention to detail.  You receive the paperwork that you need, accurate and complete. Our customers know that we will satisfy their paperwork need, giving them one less thing to worry about.
We provide accurate and aggressive pricing. We are always available to discuss pricing trends with our customers and we inform our customers when the prices of products are rising, and when prices go down we also inform our customers. No worrying whether you are receiving market price for products. Our philosophy is that if we bring your prices down, as the market goes down, than we keep you as a customer. After all, Contract Manufacturers prize stability of product. We know we keep our customers by aggressive pricing, quality, and service. We realize that our customers have many choices of suppliers, but if we treat them fairly they will remain loyal to us.
Drum in-Drum out model 1. Sunrich does not do packaging or break down manufacturers packaging. This means that the product is coming direct from the manufacturer to you. This translates into integrity of the product. There is no risk of contamination or degradation from improper packing procedures or exposure to air. You receive factory fresh product. One less worry for the Purchasing Agent. However, on many products we do offer small packing size products with original manufacturer’s packing.
Drum in Drum out model 2. Since Sunrich follows the “drum in - drum out” model we are able to do less but larger and simpler transactions. This means we have a lower overhead than companies that are re-packaging. Our business model and overhead are lean, therefore allowing us to offer better prices for excellent quality product. Contract Manufacturers are in the unenviable position of needing to obtain the best price and at the same time manufacturing using quality raw ingredients. Our customers’ purchasing agents look good because they are buying the best quality products at great prices.
Sunrich will unconditionally accept returns on any product that does not meet the specification sheet that we provided before and during the sale. Purchasing Agents can buy with the knowledge that they have a reputable American Company guaranteeing the quality of the product.
 Blanket Order Program. Lately, many Botanical Extracts and some Vitamins have experienced price volatility but we are offering a blanket order program on many of the items we carry.

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