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1Vice Production Manager


Job title: the number of vice manager of production: 1
Professional requirements: does not limit the length of service requirements: 5 years
Requirements: college education age requirements: 30-45
Computer level: good sex: not limited
Working area: Lingui County Residence: no
Language requirement: English general job type: full time
Salary: No Title Requirements: no
Date of release: 2015-3-18
Brief introduction of the work and other requirements:
Job responsibilities:
According to the company's goals and market demands, the organization department personnel into production, ensure safety, high quality, low consumption, high efficiency, timely completion of production tasks assigned by the superiors.

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Job requirements:
1 Chemical, pharmaceutical, biology and related professional college degree or above in business management.
2 large and Medium-Sized Biotechnology, pharmaceutical enterprises with the job 3 years above related working experience.
3 familiar with biotech enterprise production processes and internal management.
4 outstanding leadership communication, coordination, scheduling, command organization, develop the capacity.
5 quick thinking, quick reaction, the setting problem processing of production, decisive, right.
6 have improved plant organization, the ability to handle and strain management; robust background with the production process management, execution control and quality improvement plan.
Meet the above conditions and job intention, can call the 0773-3568887 contact.

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