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CGMP compliance is no longer optional for any company dealing with supplements, vitamins or other health-related consumables. Sunrich commitment to deliver high-quality products means that all our factories are either CGMP certified or compliant with these standards.

Sunrich has many years of experience in dealing with CGMP requirements and our staff are well-versed in the paperwork needed by clients to maintain or receive CGMP licensing.

We are confident of maintaining high standards among our manufacturers and implement strict policies to ensure that all manufacturers are continuously adhering to CGMP as well as our own quality assurance standards. Our China-based factories are monitored by our buying office in China, whether they are potential or existing partners. No manufacturing plant joins our list of producers without undergoing strict, random inspections.

We also conduct regular and randomized testing on shipments from each factory. While we focus on testing new manufacturers by testing their first two shipments, existing manufacturers are also subject to testing. Our quality assurance procedures include third party random testing as well as consumer testing and feedback.

Another way we can assure quality standards are met is by maintaining long-term relationships with trusted manufacturers. We have been working with some of our manufacturers for over six years, while our partnerships with our manufacturers have lasted four years on average. In addition to quality, having long-standing relationships with our manufacturers also enables us to provide clients with consistent and reliable products.

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