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Although we may attract new clients with our products and prices, we are aware that excellent, personalized service is what helps us keep our existing clients. Every client of Sunrich is assigned to a specific customer sales representative. This assures clients that their needs will be met and gives them the ease of dealing with the same sales representative each time. All your enquiries and orders will be handled by your dedicated sales representative.

You can be confident that every order is treated urgency and we strive to deliver all orders to you at the shortest time possible. Often, goods are shipped out on the same day the order is received. We also have a good track record of accuracy and reliability in our deliveries, having achieved a 99% reliability rate in meeting clients’ deadlines. At Sunrich, we aim to fulfill our clients’ requests to the best of our ability and will try to expedite rush-orders whenever possible.

All orders will be accompanied by the original COA, displaying the results of testing on the specific batch of products in each order.

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