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The company held a 2013 fire knowledge education and fire exercises
The release date : Dec 18 2014   Browse the number : 3784

In order to strengthen and standardize the company fire safety management, improve staff awareness of fire protection and fire fighting skills, my company in October 29, 2013 2013 held the morning of fire knowledge education and fire exercises.
The fire protection knowledge education and fire drill activities, has been attached great importance to the leadership of the company, and made the plan of implementation of fire knowledge education and fire drill activities, set up to the deputy general manager Mr. Li Yuanyuan as the commander of the exercise of temporary headquarters, invited the Guangxi District Fire Prevention Center CAS Luo Jiao Guan as the training course the teacher.
At 9 in the morning, all the staff to listen carefully to the fire protection knowledge lectures, fire safety knowledge in-depth and comprehensive study. The classroom instructors to Luo fire accident as an example, to explain the importance of fire safety, and analyzes the causes of fire accidents, describes how the fire escape self-help measures such as fire, the instruments used were teaching demonstration. 11, the fire drill started. As the commander ordered the cast smoke, start the office building alarm system, lift out of use after the alarm sounds, each floor of part-time firefighters organization personnel orderly evacuation. The report to the fire drills to rescue the wounded, property and each department staff, confirmed that no casualties, property loss, to carry out fire drill. Take turns to fire workers involved in the exercise, to master the methods of correct use of dry powder fire extinguishers and fire, the basic principle and remedial measures.
Through the fire knowledge education learning and fire drill activities, all up and down the staff enhances the awareness of fire prevention, on the wrong behavior in daily life is corrected. At the same time, to further improve the fire safety management level of the company, ensure the safety of life and property, to achieve safe production goals without fire.

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