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Grape Seed Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins
The release date : Dec 19 2014   Browse the number : 1320
Common Name:
Active Ingredient:
Grape seed
95% Proanthocyanidins
Grape Seed Extract (Grajfnol)

1. Product Introduction
It is extracted from the non-fermented French grape seed (Vitis vinifera L.).

2. Application Effect 
1) Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. 
2)Helps support a healthy immune system 
3)Maintains healthy blood sugar levels 
4)Anti-ulcer, anti-virus, and antifungal activity
5)Inhibition of active enzymes, reduce capillary permeability (anti-inflammation)
6)Anti-cancer, anti mutagenic activity, anti-allergy (immune regulation)

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3.Product Standard 
2)Polyphenol 95%
3)B2 4%
4)Oligomers 85%
5)proanthocyanidins 95%

4.JF-NATURAL Characteristic
1)Raw materials imported grape seed for France 
2)Has outstanding water-solubility 
3)Solvent with water and ethanol only 
4)Certificate of ISO9001, HACCP and GMP 
5)Low ash, and no pesticide residue, no heavy metal 
6)Trademark registered: Grajfnol?
7)ORAC value: 15000 μmol TE/g (Test in LAREAL Laboratory) 
8)LD50>6g/kg (mouth oral dosage), tested samples are purified polyphenols tannin

5.Application Area
Application field: soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, baked goods, cosmetics, health food


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