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Panax ginseng Extract 30% Ginsenosides
The release date : Dec 19 2014   Browse the number : 2253
Common Name:
Latin Name:
Active Ingredient:
American ginseng: Huaqishen
Panax quinquefolius
30% Ginsenosides
Ginseng root extract/ Ginseng leaf and stem extract/ American ginseng extract

1.Product Introduction
The raw material is Panax ginseng C. A. Mey., use special process to extract and refine.

2.Application Effect
1)Anti-tumor effect: Rg3, Rh2 having the strong inhibition of tumor cell proliferation, arrest tumor cell in the G phase, and induce apoptosis of tumor cells;
2)Protect cardiovascular system Rb1、Rb2、Rb3、 Rg1 、Rd; 
3)Protect eh nervous system. Rb1 and Rg1 has selective protection of neurotrophy and neural activity.
4)Reduce liver injury. The original panaxdiolsaponins can reduce liver injury, improve the superoxide dismutase activity, strengthening the body's scavenging oxygen free radicals;
5)Anti-virus and supporting immune function. Ginsenoside Re can improve the immune activity of immune globulin and lymphocyte, such as lgG in H3N2 influenza A virus model mouse serum.
6)Hypoglycemic effect. Malonyl-ginsenosides in ginseng extract (mainly the malonyl ginsenosides Rb, Rb and Rc) has a strong hypoglycemic activity, can reduce blood glucose of diabetic mice, and to promote the role of glycogen synthesis.

3.Product Standard
1)Ginseng root extract:Total ginsenosides 2-15%(HPLC) 
2)Ginseng leaf and stem extract:Total ginsenosides 80~90%(UV)
3)American ginseng extract:Total ginsenosides 5-25%(HPLC)

4.JF-NATURAL Characteristic 
1)Selected Ginseng and American ginseng from Changbai mountain, high-quality and low pesticide-free raw material. Some American ginseng is from North America. 
2)Maintain the original proportion of ginsenosides, unique puree, from different sources, can be identified clearly.
3)Only use water and ethanol during the production progress to guarantee the safety. 
4)Good water solubility 
5)Pesticide residue meets USP561 and EC396/2005 standards.
6)Solvent residue and heavy metal meet USP and EP standards.

5.Application Effect 
Application field: soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, health food


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